i put everything into what i create

With a keen eye for little details, experience with fashion photography and the warmth of my grandparents analog embrace, my photography style began to take shape. With my fashion background, and the outpouring of emotions from my grandparents' photos and stories, there was absolutely no doubt that I was going to fall in love with wedding photography. 

My name is Nikki and I am a wedding and love photographer based out of a tiny, yet magical little beach town on the coast of North Carolina. I was born into a family where the magic of moments was eternally frozen on digital cameras, 35mm film and Super 8 reels. My grandparents traveled the world, promoting digital cameras and photography which ultimately left an undeniable mark on me and my artistic DNA. 

My work is not only about freezing moments in time; but about weaving stories that will transcend generations.

My love for film photography conveys a timeless quality to my images, capturing the raw emotions and authenticity that defines each moment of a wedding day.

With the mix of digital and film images, my style has become a blend of vintage allure, documentary authenticity, candid intimacy, and detail - oriented precision.

When I am not photographing others’ love stories, you can find me chasing sunsets, snuggling with my two orange kitties, drinking chai lattes, booking flights to new places, collecting shells along the NC coastlines and venturing on the water with my wonderful boyfriend Jake, growing my vintage collection and developing film at home. 

My grandparents on my dad's side traveled the world selling cameras, and going to camera conventions. My grandma was in the travel industry her entire life which has had a large influence on my love for traveling, meeting new people and building relationships with all kinds of different people. They documented their travels on 35mm film cameras. My Nanny and Opa owned film cameras and Super 8's as well. I spend time at home with family flipping through film slides on a projector with my parents, reliving moments they have captured on film. 

my influences

As for my parents, they ALWAYS had a camera around to document the good old days. My mom would scrapbook photos with matching stickers and caption them with her intricate handwriting. She loves details. My dad is just as creative and energetic as I am, and he's always ready for an adventure or new project and he is where I get my love for vintage things; particularly classic cars.

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